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I’m a Marketer and a Mom and you would be surprised at how many things that these responsibilities have in common. Just like children, brands need to be lovingly raised. Their strengths need to be identified, what sets them apart needs to be nurtured and encouraged. They need to be guided by rules and need to learn discipline if they wish to reach their fullest potential.

With over a decade spent marketing brands, I have garnered a thick skin and creative approach to problem-solving. The skills that I have acquired have led me to an understanding and passion for building brands and ultimately the value that great storytelling can add to any type of business. My dream is now to help others realise the dream that they have for their own business.

We’ll stand on the shoulders of the marketers before us and use their knowledge to guide you through the traditional marketing steps that will help you become the best marketer for your own business. While having a beautiful logo is great, knowing how your brand is, what sets it apart and what you ultimately stand for, needs to come first.


Our entry-level package is created to assist you in getting the basics set up for your new business and includes business registration with the CIPC, website domain registration, Google listing setup and a Design package including Logo, business cards, email signatures and letterhead at a once-off cost of R4850 ex VAT.


We’ll spend a couple of hours with the team conducting a brand analysis where we help you to identify your unique selling points, brand statements and opportunities. Thereafter you will receive a brand strategy proposal to implement at your discretion into your business. This service may be as a once-off or you can choose to continue with our support moving forward.


We will bring the vision to life with the creation of a Corporate Identity guide that will include: Logo, fonts, email signatures, signage, letterhead, business cards and Facebook covers. Additional graphic design services are available for any possible collateral that may be required.


Websites are more than a space for information, they are a space for storytelling and a sales tool to help drive revenues. We’ll assist you in building a website that is not only pleasing to the eye but that runs well and ticks all the right boxes in terms of ranking and SEO. We will also assist you with website hosting and reporting.


Having a verified Google listing or being found on page 1 of Google search when your customers are looking for you, is essential for any business. We’ll help your brand take it up its space online and build a custom digital strategy, including the use of Google AdWords to get into the face of consumers using devices.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. The list goes on… not all are necessary or ideal for your brand. Using your brand strategy, we’ll collaborate to create content that tells your unique story through the appropriate platforms. You can manage these yourself or we can take the full community management off your hands. We’ll also guide you on how to get the best bang for your buck with your social media ad budget.

You get in touch!

We have a telephonic conversation around what you're up to and where you believe you require assistance

We book a business strategy session with the relevant players in your team

I submit a proposed business strategy to you, including branding collateral - should this be required

You decide whether to proceed on your own with the strategy or to bring me onboard to walk the road alongside you

What’s With The Name?

Well, both are my reason for living and source of inspiration and joy.

We are a Christian organisation and are driven by biblical principles such as integrity, honesty, compassion and excellence.

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